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Nowadays, there is a wide variety of material available for fence installation process. Since there are so many options, it may be sometimes difficult to choose especially if you are not familiar with them. Ultimately, your choice would depend on your property type and the specific needs you have.

Metal has always been one of the staple materials in the fence industry. There are many reasons for this. Metal is one of the only materials that can provide the right sturdiness, durability, and design all at the same time. Moreover, compared to other materials, metals can last longer.

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Previously, the default metal for fence projects of all types is iron. Iron is a tough and practical material. However, these days, newer kinds of metal in the form of steel and aluminum are more favored. Compared to iron, they are more resistant to rust. Therefore, they can last longer while still looking good. Here are some important facts about steel and aluminum.


The base of steel is still iron. It has been reinforced with other elements to make it more durable. Carbon has been added to iron to produce steel. Steel is tough, heavy, and offers great resistance to forces. However, since it is based on iron, it is a little more prone to rusting compared to aluminum. This can be remedied by a chemical coating.


Aluminum is a type of steel that is quite lighter than steel. However, it is still durable enough for fencing purposes. It has a glossy finish which can be attractive for many people. Moreover, compared to steel, it practically never rusts.

Both metal types will make for a good fence. They are durable enough, and in addition, offers sophistication especially when designed with ornamental elements.

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