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The local rules and regulation in your area may require owners of certain property types to have a dumpster enclosure in their area. This is common for business establishments and commercial structures. The basic use of dumpster enclosures is that it simply hides away the unpleasant-looking dumpster from plain view. But then, there is no better way to conceal your dumpsters other than concealing them in style. In this manner, you can have your required enclosure that serves it function, while adding appeal to the outside of your home.

Many types of dumpster enclosures are available for every need and for every budget level. We at the Lubbock Fence Company offers the best quality dumpster enclosures at competitive prices. The range of costs differ depending on the material used and even on the size of the project itself. We also offer free estimates for dumpster enclosures, as well as all other types of fences.

Lubbock Fence company

Dumpster enclosures may be made from many different materials. The most common ones are metal, brick, chain link, and vinyl. Which material you select will depend on your requirements. The best type of dumpster enclosure we recommend for you is the brick dumpster enclosure. Nothing comes close to the timeless and classic vibe that bricks provide. Moreover, it completely obstructs the view of the dumpster since it is opaque. Also, since it is fully enclosed, it can also keep odors in.

Chain link remains to be a competitive option or all types of applications, including dumpster enclosures. If it is not necessary to completely block the view, you may opt to have a chain link dumpster enclosure installed. This is a budget friendly option.

An important tip we can share with you is it would be best for you to match your chosen dumpster enclosure to the style of your property.

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