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These days, fencing material is not anymore limited to traditional items like wood and metal. Contemporary materials which are often more durable and more affordable are now available. One of these newer fence types is the SimTek fence. These fences are otherwise known as Sherwood or Allegheny fences. They are made from synthetic polymers like polyethylene and are shaped and formed to appear like a stone wall. SimTek fences are very durable, inexpensive, easy to install, and offers some extra benefits like sound proofing.

One of the vital selling points of SimTek fences is its appearance. As mentioned, it has been made to look like a stone wall. Therefore, it gives you the chance to add the classic stone wall look to your property while spending only a fraction of what a real concrete wall would cost you. Compared to other relatively light materials, SimTek is significantly more durable. It can withstand pressure, forces, and weather conditions.

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Properties located in noisy environments such as those near highways would benefit from some soundproofing. Usually, this can be achieved by concrete walls. However, these are quite pricey. SimTek fences are a sound alternative for this purpose.

One other benefit of SimTek fences is that there are many color options to choose from. The commonly used ones are the classic hues and neutral tones. These are beige, brown, black, dark brown granite, gray, or desert color. SimTek panels are already premade and are ready to ship once ordered, allowing a convenient installation process.

While the main bulk of SimTek is polymers, it is also reinforced with inner structures made from sturdy galvanized steel. These make the fence more stable. Moreover, SimTek fences can look good as new for many years without the need for tedious maintenance.

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