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Our reality is dominated by technology. The inventions and developments over the years helped make our lives simpler, and more comfortable. Among the many benefits of technology in the fence business is the option of adding an extra layer of security to whatever type of property you have. Specifically, this is in the form of gate operators. Gate operators with matching appropriate gates may be installed as an additional form of security measure.

A gate operator or gate opener primarily uses technology, electricity, and computer expertise to automate the opening and closing of gates, to prevent any intentional or unintentional breach from intruders. Many options and models of gate operators are now available in the market. The gate operator model would also depend on the type of gate to be installed. Some popular gate opener options are the swing type and the slide type.

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Both the sliding type and the swing type may be used for driveways. The sliding type basically allows a gate to glide along a fence or wall. Underneath, there are wheels which help facilitate the movements. On the other hand, the swing type ones allow the closing and opening of gates at the hinges. This is usually preferred in residential communities, provided that there are no restrictions in place.

Every year, new models of gate operators become available. Usually, the new ones are better and more modernized compared to its predecessors. To help our patrons keep up with these trends, we make sure that the latest gate operator technology can be made available to them, through us. We have a regularly updated catalog to serve as your guide.

Compared to a gate secured with heavy padlocks and iron chains, an electrically operated one is more secure.

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