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Chain link fences can be seen almost anywhere. They can be found in many places including schools, homes, parks, resorts, industrial compounds, and many more.

Chain link fences go by many names. It is also known as cyclone fence in some places, and hurricane fence in others. it can also go by the name wire mesh fence, chain-wire, fence, and diamond mesh fence.

This fence type became popular because of its applicability to several situations. Moreover, they can be easily modified and configured as needed in certain situations. Another reason for its wide popularity is its affordability. Therefore, if you are looking for a functional fence that is versatile yet inexpensive, you can never go wrong with a chain link fence.

Another advantage of the chain link fence is it allows an unobstructed view. Hence, it allows more light through, making it best for certain situations, like sports. Many sports venues like tennis courts and backstops in ballparks make use of chain link fences.

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If this open view is not ideal for you, there is an option to convert chain link fences into privacy types of fences. For example, it is possible to insert boards or slats through the mesh to conceal the view. If you are looking into a more creative take that is also natural-looking, you may allow plants like ivy vines to grow into the mesh.

Another benefit of chain link fence is the easy installation process. Once the posts are fitted into the ground, the wire mesh is rolled out and stretched between the poles. Depending on your considerations, the fence posts may be made from different materials like wood, concrete, or steel. Ends and corners are supported by terminal posts that are designed to prevent tilting.

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