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Cages and enclosures offer convenience for many uses and purposes. They are very versatile and can be applicable for many different situations. To suit every specific need, cages and enclosures come in different forms and types. Both are widely availed mostly for storage purposes. However, it can be used for purposes other than this.

Each cage or enclosure is designed and fabricated according to the purpose it was meant to serve. Some of the cages and enclosures most commonly ordered are equipment cages, tool cages, safety enclosures, and batting cages.

Although they may come in different forms and sizes, cages and enclosures in general share the same basic built. There are often made from a wire mesh, chain links, or any form of intertwined steel. This allows the storage space to be open to air. Being open to ventilation can help protect the stored items from moisture damage. However, this openness may cause some security worries. In response to this, the metal mesh and chain links were designed to have very small holes to adequately secure what is inside from theft or damage.

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To even improve security levels, metal is the usual material of choice. Reinforced iron in the form of galvanized steel is also available for durability purposes.

If you need cages mainly for storage purposes, we have the following available.

Tools and Equipment cages

Cages made especially for tools and equipment are made to keep these items securely when not in use. Ideally, galvanized steel is used to ensure utmost protection of tools and equipment.

Locker cages

These are used to store miscellaneous items indoors. Some examples are cleaning equipment, technological tool, audiovisual units, and sports gear.

Other cages and enclosures:

Batting cage

Mainly for practice batting purposes.

Safety enclosures

This is for fall prevention.

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