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fence installation Lubbock

A fence that is permanent is meant to stay in your property indefinitely. But what if you need the security and division functions of a fence for only a short period of time? The answer to this comes in the form of temporary fences.

Compared to permanent fencing options, temporary fences are free-standing and self-supporting. Their posts are not fitted into the ground, making them easy to move around and transport. This allows those who need it to have a more flexible fencing option for one-time events.

Whatever material they are made of, temporary fences are usually composed of panels. Couplers hold these panels together. Below, the base of the fences are supported with heavy counterweights to keep it standing properly on the ground. Depending on the need and situation, some of these temporary fences may also have accessories like gates, handrailing, bracing, and feet. Panels of temporary fences are usually made of chain link, or weld mesh.

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The common general applications of temporary fences are for proper storage, public safety, protection, and crowd control.

Specifically, temporary fences may be used in certain situations including construction, events, and even emergencies. At construction sites the temporary fences used are called construction hoarding. This provide a barrier between the working area for construction and the safe space which passersby can use.

Mass gatherings also require the use of temporary fencing. One such example is for events that are held on large pavilions. Sometimes, there may be a need to section off certain areas for events like parties and conferences. Other events that demand temporary fencing are sporting events, marathons, film shoots, and parades. In these situations, temporary fences are used mostly for security and crowd control. Other places and instances where temporary fences are used include parking lots and during emergencies.

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Fence company Lubbock
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