In the olden times, fence installation can be done without proper assessments and measurements. However, this is not the case today anymore. If you want your fence to be attractive, long-lasting, and durable, you must entrust the job to a fence contractor in Lubbock.

Much precision is needed in measurements and digging and fitting the fence posts. Small errors may accumulate, causing the overall failure of the project. There is a very narrow margin of error allowable for fence installation activities. 

Fence Builders Lubbock

If a post leans or if a mesh panel is overstretched, there may be a need to redo much of the installation process. This would be very costly in terms of time and money. To avoid problems like this, it would be important to find a reliable fence builder in Lubbock. As one of the known fence companies in town, we at the Lubbock Fence Company hereby offers you our fence installation services.

We are a locally founded company, renowned in the fence industry for our successful projects for all types of properties. We specialize in both commercial and residential fence applications. We install fences of all types, including chain link, cedar wood, vinyl, SimTek, steel, aluminum, and many more. Aside from fences, we also offer other services such as aluminum porch hand railing installation, dog kennel installation, cages and enclosures installation, and guard rails installation.

After being in the industry for many years, we have delivered high quality services to many property owners in town. Some of the ones we have installed are still around today. Consult us for fencing services in Lubbock.

We are the Lubbock Fence Company, your number one source for all things fences. We have dedicated our business to giving you the best of fences, cages, enclosures, guard rails, and many more. We focus on reliability, customer satisfaction, and our respect for your schedule.

Founded in the year 2003 this fence company in Lubbock, have come a long way from our humble beginnings of only having limited machinery and a narrow catalog fence products and services.

When the Lubbock Fence Company first began, we established our name by putting our best efforts for every project, and for every property owner who has entrusted us with their fence jobs. It was always an honor to be trusted with such as delicate task. Therefore, we give our all even for projects as small as picket fences. Eventually, we grew to what we are now, and we can provide better services than ever.

Our commitment to always give our best has been the main driving force for our current success. We carefully assess and plan every project so that everything goes smoothly.

Our hardworking team members and crew inspire us to improve our services as the years go by. Our people are the heart and soul of our company and there is no Lubbock Fence Company without them.

We are looking forward to installing fences for you and with you.

For fence installation in Lubbock, please do not hesitate to call us at 806-375-4393.

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